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Dylan Pritchard

Informace o nabídce

Vystaveno: 17. 12. 2023
Cena: 2000€
Lokalita: Celá ČR
IČ: 745 643 37
Popis: Dear Designers,

We are seeking a skilled designer to undertake the rebranding of the Noble Minds Initiatives logo. The chosen professional will play a key role in reshaping our visual brand identity, ensuring it aligns with our values and mission.

Key Requirements:
1. Creativity: Demonstrate a keen creative flair to bring a fresh and modern perspective to our logo.
2. Brand Alignment: Understand our company values and mission to create a logo that resonates with our identity.
3. Versatility: Provide options that cater to various applications, including digital platforms, print materials, and merchandise.

Submission Process:
Please submit your portfolio, along with a brief overview of your approach to logo design.

We invite interested freelancers to bid on this project, showcasing their skills and experience in logo design. If you have any questions or require further details, please feel free to reach out.

We look forward to reviewing your proposals and collaborating with a talented designer to elevate our brand.

Best regards,
NobleMinds Initiatives


Dylan Pritchard



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